Caliban’s Master

When Stephano and Trinculo reunite, with the feral Caliban wondering what is going, they share wine from a barrel Stephano used to survive the storm (I imagine like John Jameson in the commercials). Caliban also gets a few drinks, becomes very drunk, and starts making up some songs. He references leaving his current master, Prospero, in an explicit fashion and it goes unnoticed. I understand Stephano and Trinculo are intoxicated as well, but seeing as how these two washed up on an island that they just though was inhabited by monsters and devils, one would imagine they would focus more on situational awareness than having a good time. Why don’t they seem more cautious regarding this strange and new land they stumbled upon?

On that same note, Gonzalo is very optimistic in his dealings with everyone else. Stating how great it is to survive, how his garments are clean, and how he’d rule the island, one would expect different speech from someone who just survived a tempest. Even when attempting to raise morale, happy speculation is not a normal human reactions to such a traumatic event. I wonder if his happiness is derived from a secret “ace in the hole,” in regards to some magical power, akin to Prospero and Ariel.


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